Never Forget Our Fallen Heroes From 9/11

It’s been fifteen years since the tragic events that took place in New York on September 11, 2001. Known as one of the worst days in American history, it is a moment that will be forever trapped in our minds. Countless lives were lost and many families destroyed. For most of us, moving on from this is hard if not impossible. On this day, many people use this horrific day to remember our fallen heroes and others who we have lost here. Of the so many lives lost, none more or less important than any other, we honor our fallen members of the FDNY. On that day 343 members of New York’s Fire department died while trying to save as many lives as possible during the attack. And even though the amount of lives lost that day were many, thanks to their great sacrifice, many people were able to return home to their families. They are honored every year with a symbolic march which starts at the World Trade Center and ends in Brooklyn. Every year to the day, dozens of Fire fighters carry twenty six flags across the Brooklyn Bridge. Each flag represents a member of Brooklyn’s Battalion 57 who gave their life that day. To the members of Battalion 57, they lost more than a fellow coworker, they lost a part of their family. This march symbolizes their return to Brooklyn and serves to bring closure and a sense of peace for their brothers lost that day. Many members of the FDNY look to  this march to find strength in what they do and strive to continue to serve their city and the people in it. They state that the event never made them question their duties and commitment to the cities but only makes them grow stronger as a whole to continue to do their best every day. The march ends at St Joseph’s Co-Cathedral in Prospect Heights. It is then followed by a large Memorial mass to honor and remember all the lives lost on 9/11. Thanks to this sad tradition we will never forget what took place that day and we will continue to remember every ones sacrifice. We want to take this time to also personally thank all members of the FDNY. Through your strength and courage to move on and to continue to do your best everyday, we as a people can sleep a little easier knowing you are there to protect us and keep us safe.

How World Trade Centre Hull & Humber Works For UK

Hull and Humber is a world trade center that provides their services in the United Kingdom (UK). It operates their services at an international level and also provides an entry point for those associations who want to do work in the Humber since 2008. This trade center is situated in the England’s Kingston upon Hull. This world trade center offers practical support, expertise and proficiency to help the people to develop the overseas market of their business and also provide the free services including free export advice and financial assistance for global trade activities and culture guidance as well. It also offers strengths global components of culture bid.

During developing this world trade center links more than four hundred business persons and around eighty countries visit to become the part of the conference of the trade center. This conference held by the director of the world trade center Mr. Peter Brown and former director Rob Penrose. Mr. Peter Brown is also a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Neil And Brown Global Logistics. The motive of the world trade center is to develop the new, worthwhile and sustainable employment and services to the Humber region.

Kcom Stadium, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 02 June, 2016. Pictured:

The world trade center Hull and Humber offer new business prospects or opportunities for Humber that allow the people to take advantage of the business opportunities by global or international trade center. This trade center is found by the ten partners, named Andrew Jackson, Mapa Public Relations, Select group and Smailes Goldie CA, HSBC, Garthwest, Henderson Insurance Brokers, KC, language is everything, Neil and Brown Logistics.

Hull and Humber are working with four key elements to develop the digital content creation and global trade. The Four Key Elements Are As Follows:

    • World trade center is used to build a world trade center hub in Lincolnshire that located in the West of the England.
    • They provide support to expand or develop the sustainable region.
    • With the assistance of the well-reputed initiatives, world trade center expands the digital content industries.
    • This world trade center offers assistance that allows the hull industries to engage with international trade.

Several non-profit centers have gained excellent progression with the help of World Trade Center Hull And Humber is working through the associates of the region, and they are continuously acquiring co-operation to maintain their progress or development. Humber Marine Alliance, UK trade and investment all these companies work with collaborate to enhance the prosperity of United Kingdom (UK).  The director of the World Trade Center Hull And Humber says that collaboration is imperative for the health the UK wealth.  The partners of the trade center offer advanced network support that allows the beginners and experienced exporters and providing more additional value.

The world trade center Hull and Humber inviting the people who want to talk about the business opportunities so that they can take advantages of their links along with three hundred trade centers from all over the world with more than 100 countries.